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joyride deathdrive

from joyride // deathdrive by Pete Jon



you want to go for a joyride?
you want to go for a death drive?
nothing on my mind--
put on the radio
playing the songs we know
and homilies of homicide
and in the looking glass
you can see the past
through a fractal window
it's been a long year
it's been a long while since I've seen you smile
you want to go for a death drive?
you want to go for a joyride?
you've got a heavy load
you push it up a mile
and it rolls back down the road
french resistance-style
said you're feeling an urgency?
it's been a long while
since we crossed that line
put on the radio--
it'll play that song I know
put down the window--
feel in the free air
a plastic empire that won't decompose
there's things too fucking vile
to write into a slant rhyme
unfolding all the time
don't get me wrong--
I got a slice of the pie
but I want the bakery, collectivized
I want america ossified
you can quote me to the jury
I got nothing to hide
I'm on a death drive
it's a joyride
(hell, we're all going to die)


from joyride // deathdrive, released May 24, 2019




Pete Jon Lansing, Michigan

Pete Jon is a singer-songwriter and collaborative producer in the DIY tradition.

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