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american made

from joyride // deathdrive by Pete Jon



all my demons are for hire

how does it feel?
american made
laying in wait for a life never came
laying on pressure, laid off by the same
play and get played in the short and the long game
black motorcade
barbara bush and thomas kincaid
driving to hell on the road that they paved
light falls beautiful on the shitshow
that pocked us in utero
my mother was grieving
tell me, where all that grief go?
my father was working in Elkhart at Jayco
building temples on wheels
to freedom and lemonade
in the peak of the prison boom's sickly accelerate
I said how does it feel to be a pock in a hellscape?
I said how does it feel to be alive in america?
why so many so lonely
why so many sedated
why so many held in homes, hospitals, wards, and cages
so many born into the belly of a beast we create
where on state stationary
administrative segregation
you're penning the bars on which freedom is predicated

all my demons are for hire

burn it all down
we don't need this kitsch
we don't need this clown
we don't need this pig patrolling our hometown
fuck all with the gaslit glow
searchlight on a late night road
fuck all with the uniformed jesus

"you need us, you need us
now give us our due and we'll be less abusive to you."

fuck all now they're down at the school
meet 'n' greetin the youth
multifoliate hydra imbued in blue
ensconced in white
drenched in red
I said burn it all down
burn it all dead
we don't need this sword hanging over our head
and I don't need the law to tell me what's good
I feel a fire within you
fuck all if they quench what's been given you
hell with the devil dressed up in the do-gooder's two shoes
I hear a flicker of feeling
a tremor of breathing
wake up little child
you are the vector of healing

and all my demons are for hire

tell me what's more lyrical than when I play the liar?
until my dying day I will fight holy with stolen fire


from joyride // deathdrive, released May 24, 2019




Pete Jon Michigan

Pete Jon is a singer-songwriter and collaborative producer in the DIY tradition.

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